Yea! I got a hit!

   Woo! Hoo!  Cili Cecilia’s on a Roll!  Rocked my first post in the world of blogdom!  I got one hit!!!!!  EEEEEHa!  Way to grab the brass ring!

But seriously folks, I am not all about who wore what to which Hollywood confab, I am just about wanting to share my love of gentle places, like this piece brings to mind when I look at it,  I call this one:

“Mountain Meadow”  It reminds me of sitting on a fallen log on a hillside with wild flowers growing in profusion all around me.  The colors are misty, soft and I can almost feel the sun over my shoulder as I sit on the log my eyes feasting on the beauty around me.   This is actually my second attempt at a floral theme in my work.  Mostly, my work has been far less structured than that.  Genereally I just pick a piece of drift wood, or a fallen piece of a tree that I find pretty, start tying my knots whichever way they seem to want to flow.  I have enjoyed a freedom from structuring my work for the most part, and just let my fingers fly where they will.

That is until recently when I have been answering the call of trying to convey actual pictures in my work.  Currently I am making a piece that I seem to be breaking many of my former “rules” with.  It is not firstly mounted on anything, I have been making parts of a picture to be tied together, or assembled.  So not my usual way of working.  Now I am finding the challenge of breaking away from the norm to be very stimulating.  Which is wonderful since I recently went through a stretch of a couple of months not even feeling like working.  Sort of ‘knotter’s block”, yuk!  Now I can happily report that I am getting a bit obsessive about keeping my hands busy again!!  Yea!


When I was knee high to a grasshopper

I heard somewhere along my knee high path

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery

My innate need for creative outflow

Is merely an attempt to flatter

The grasshopper’s Maker

by Cecilia Power

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One Comment on “Yea! I got a hit!”

  1. Anne Says:

    Terrific site and keep up the good work!!!!!!!


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