Happy 4th of July!

This one feels oriental almost.Introducing “Oriental Dreams”

I picked this one for this evening because it has red in it.  I dont think I have anything with red, white and blue all in one. So this is second best.

This one feels rather oriental to me, and I like the way I balanced the piece.  I personally like the red and black color theme, though I have had more than one person tell me they didn’t like it much.  To me it connotates a feel of richness and luxury.

This evening I have been exploring the net rather than knoting.  Some days my hands just feel like being more idle.  It has been a fun day, went out an watched the local fireworks.  It was awesome the moon was hanging just to the left of where most of the display was centered.  Totally cool.

As I learn my way through this new territory called a blog, I will bring you many more items of my intricate imaginings.  Some are going to appeal to all, but not all to some.  All in all I just hope I can help someone smile a bit like some of the art I found on a blog surfing trip I took earlier did for me.  I found poems, and doodles, and some really cool images poured forth out of peoples minds through their hands onto paper or canvas.  It was a journey that took about an hour to get through, and was well worth the time.

Off to bed soon, the day was good, good food, good fun, good company!  Adios!

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