Wow! I am coming up in the world! 12 hits! Yea!

This one won me my first award!

I had this one partially done when I got a “Call to Atrists” for a show at Alley Cat Artists for cat related art.  This call was to be for the next First Friday Art Walk, which at the time was about a week away.  Well, I had only shown work there once before and was not prepared to come up with something that quickly!  (sence of panic)  Then as I sat there looking at the piece I was working on, and had nearly finished and was going to call:  “Falling Leaves” I had a light bulb moment and started tying in the siamese cat at the bottom of the piece who is reaching out to catch one of those falling leaves, thus

my first subject related work:  “Cat-ching A Leaf”.
The piece was a big hit at the show, I had some very favorable raves about it, even had one lady tell me she wanted to buy it for her unborn grandaughter!  That never panned out but I was very flattered that she liked it that much!  This show was also my first juried show, and I won the “Souper Cat Award” which was a $30 gift certificate from a the Soup Bowl, a nice local restaraunt.  I was so happy!  And it felt grand a couple of months later I took my family out for a meal when my son in law did not feel like cooking.  (he does most of the cooking because my daughter likes his more than mine, lol)
The show itself was wonderful fun, we had a couple of performing artists give us the “Cat Fight” which was them dressed as cats, and fighting in a ring with torn up newspaper representing cat litter.  I unfortunately don’t remember the names of the cat characters, but just know that it was great fun!  The audience was howling!
At that show was a very interesting accumulation of cat related art.  I even made aquaintance with a gentleman who is an illustrator of sci-fi and fantasy books.  He had a lovely painting of a reclining lady robot on a couch with very life like cats at her feet.  It was a good night.  And I am very fond of this wall hanging “Cat-ching A Leaf”.  I do hope I sell it someday, but when I do, it might leave a gap in my heart not to have it to look at.  But I will always have the pics of it.  Yea!
I am adding a second picture with this one to show how detailed my work is.  I mostly work with yarn, most often remnants found at thrift stores.  One of those lovely thrift store finds was a whole bunch of embroidery floss that the skeins were cut at one end and placed on rings, and I had maybe a hundred of these rings of cut skeins in that many colors and shades and tints of colors!  Here I was with all these pieces of embroidery floss which I have worked with before, but not in precut lengths.  It seemed like a dilemma to me untill I worked out a technique of adding in pieces and hiding the ending of others, and found a new wonderland of dimension to use in my work.  My stuff was already pretty intricate as macrame goes, then adding in the details with the floss, wow, a new world of possibilities I had there!  Lol!  And what fun, and what patience it takes, and oh, my, the cramps my hands get in sometimes working so small.  But worth every crooked claw like cramped configurations my hands grew into!  Chuckle.  Yea!
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One Comment on “Wow! I am coming up in the world! 12 hits! Yea!”

  1. Fran Says:

    Hi Cis, big Sis here. I think this is the first time I’ve seen the prize winner. Very nice!
    Am enjoying your blogs, Cis. BTW, I’m looking into making soap. I bought a book, and am very interested. Pepper bought some hand crafted soap at the Renfair in Houston. She gave me one. It smells sooooo good, and so does my bathroom.

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