“Punkin’ Patch”

This one is very detailed."Punkin' Patch" detail."Punkin' Patch" detail.

There is so much detail in this one.   Some of the flowers are so tiny, the leaves even smaller, so that one would truly need to see this one up close to appreciate all the nuances.  I almost did not use this one for my blog until I could get better pictures made, but I wanted something in here representing the upcoming season.    While I like making seasonal color schemes, and themes, I have not done many because I want to stay way from my work feeling to “crafty”.
Since my work is very individual, and one of a kind, I feel that doing something around a theme or seasonal idea would not detract from my art.  I just don’t wish to be hung up in those kind of restrictions.  Chuckle, a free spirit…that’s me!
However, hehe, for someone who just has to have something like that, I could be persuaded.  It has been a dream for years to work on commission, to do some huge project because someone admires my work so much that they just must have something just how they want it.  I hope that does not remain a dream, however it need not be humungus, just wanted.  ;=)
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One Comment on ““Punkin’ Patch””

  1. Fran Says:

    Cis, I just discovered that if you click on the pic, you can see it magnified!!! Great detail can be seen!

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