“Peachy Keen”

A favorite for its’ texture and contrast.

Ok, giggle, this is my second attempt to do this post.  I had a good start on it and must have accidently hit a button somewhere on the screen and suddenly I had a web page for Open Office on the screen, and I lost much of what I had accomplished!  Rarely have I faced a more challenging but rewarding endeavor as this blog.  I remember the “Fran’s Flowers” entry gave me a “hard row to hoe” but wow, the sense of accomplishment when I got it the way I wanted it!

So, I perservere.  “Peachy Keen” was a piece that I have had mixed reactions from those that viewed it in person.  Personally I am quite fond of it.  The piece was started as an attempt to echo in a way another piece I had done years ago that was a bi-level black piece with white buttons on it, the way the two levels and the placement of the buttons(which looked like eyes) the piece looked like three birds(in abstract) and I wanted to achieve a similar con.figuration to this one.  NOT.  Best laid plans and all…  This one has not even a small resemblence to the bird piece which I called “Raven and the Ravelings”.
“Peachy Keen” detail.

The beige bit on the side of this one was done in a wonderful soft linnen yarn I got out of a close-out basket at our local yarn shop.  There was only one small skein so I have used this in several works sparingly.  I love the way the knot patterns show with subtle shadings.  The two different peachy yarns were of very different texture but that doesn’t show as well in the pic as I would like.  However, the blue triangular bit in the middle does show a difference in textsure that I like.  The yarn I used for that was a remnant of a yarn I used alot in “Fran’s Flowers” and “Mountain Meadow”.  I think I still have one or two strands of that left, I am sure I will find a home for them later on.  Chuckle.

In the bottom left of this pick you see a bead that is some kind of green jasper with orange speckles in it.  I have a love affair with unusual beads.  We have a lovely rock and bead store here where I found the beads in this piece.  However the stone beads are rather expensive for me at this stage, so I use cheaper glass ones more.  Where I can I add the more unusual ones for accent or focal points.  Sometimes I think I get a bit carried away with beads, but oh well, it works for me.  Once I get them tied in, I am not afraid to back up and untie to do over, but I have to be pretty unhappy with the effect.  Untying is not, and I repeat, not as much fun as tying!
I will do just that if need be though, and let me tell you a little story why.  It is also a story that explains why my work has become as abstract as it is.  I made a piece long ago for my sister Fran that was white, rectangular, supposed to be very symmetrical.  After I had gotten more than half the way through the piece I noticed that I had tied one knot backwards.  But I had gone so far into the piece I could not face untying so much for that one knot, so I did not, reknot!  Well, I gave the piece to her, and she loved it, was going on about how nice it looked, and that one backward knot was driving me crazy.  I pointed it out to her, and she told me if I had not showed it to her she would never have seen it, and it was fine, it didn’t bother her.  Well, let me tell you, it bothered me!  It was very soon after that that I started breaking away from symmetry in my work because I found that I could not leave mistakes like that in pieces that were supposed to be symmetrical, and I was having to untie to many mistakes.  Nuts to that!  Let’s hear it for abstract will o’ the whisp meandering whimsy!
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