“Sunshine’s Sunshine”

Sunshine I love you for keeping this all these years and sending me a picture of it.  I would love another picture, one with it hanging front side out though!  This is a problem I have had also with the gallery where I have had things hung when I was not present.  The thing is often they look nice forwards or backwards so most people can’t tell the difference.

The way I know at first sight, is the “lines” don’t show when it is backwards.  What I am referring to are the lines that are created by repetition of double half hitches around core cords.

With many of the pictures I use in the blog one can simply click on the image to magnify it.  Not sure if this one will be that way,  I am not sure if I can illustrate with this picture what I mean.  So I will add another  picture that I know you can magnify by clicking on it and see the lines I am talking about.   I feel it is important for my work to be seen the way I intend for it to be seen.  I am sure that some may look at a piece once they get it and decide they like it turned around better.  That would be a preference of the beholder and holder of the art.  As long as one understands how it was intended, so they could choose to show it as intended or differently as they choose.  Hehe, an “informed choice”.

This is far newer, made last year.

This piece is a very intricate piece made with four different weights of yarns, with embroidery details.  Most of the beads are glass, there are a couple of decorated wood beads and a large ceramic bead at the bottom.   This piece shows a lot of my penchant for detail, and dimensionality.  There are layers on layers here.  Small detailed layers over the main body of the work, with larger layer of detail off to the left of that.  Just looking at the picture here one can’t appreciate what I am talking about.  Also the lines of double half hitches that I want to illustrate as being a way to recognize the front of a piece don’t show without clicking on the picture to magnify it.  So ‘iffen ya wanna no….click an’ get a look see’.  I think I will name this one “Intricate” for want of a better title.

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3 Comments on ““Sunshine’s Sunshine””

  1. Fran Says:

    Just to let you know, Cis, you can click Sunshine’s picture! I see what you mean about it being backwards. The other picture is beautiful, also.

  2. cilipower Says:

    Thanks Sis, good to know on both counts, hehe.

  3. sunshine swanson Says:

    i just sent a flipped pic with it dusted off better, too.

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