Two Sides of Same Coin

Here we have both sides of the same coin.  If you click on each one and magnify them, you will be able to see what I was talking about when I said the front view shows the lines of double half hitch knots.  Or what I have a penchant for calling “the lines”, hehe.  Some might think, “What difference does it make?”  Well beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if someone gets a piece I made and they like it hung different from the way I made it I can’t really complain.  I am just happy they want to hang it and display it!  Only I want people to know the difference.  “The lines” are meant to be shown.

On a different thread of thought, this picture makes me miss the days gone by when I lived with in easy or relative easy reach of ocean beaches.  I used to use ocean driftwood exclusively.  Now that I live in Central Washington there are no beaches.  There are a few rivers, but haven’t had a chance to get to any to look for river caressed wood, a close second to ocean tossed,sun bleached wood.  Now I use these wonderful branches that fall from our walnut trees.  They are lovely, convoluted, richly colored, and often brittle.  But they work.  I just have to be careful when transporting them, I have broken several of the pieces all too easily.  That hardly ever happens with drift wood.  Also, I used to love finding pieces of wood that had the added touch of the actions of nature’s editing with weather.  Either that or lovely traces of imbedded shells, and or trails left behind on the wood by little creatures.  Aah nature!

Well, sometimes we just make our lemonade as we are handed the lemons.  The walnut branches are very interesting, and I also keep my eyes peeled when I walk somewhere.  I did find this one evergreen that has the coolest texture to the wood underneath the bark.  It is almost as if it had creatures underneath the bark shaping the surface of the bark, running this way and that leaving sharp ridges and points in the wood.  Which reminds me, I should make another twig seeking forray soon.  Talk to you soon, all!  Thanks for reading!

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One Comment on “Two Sides of Same Coin”

  1. sunshine swanson Says:

    i like it both ways, but i think the balance and flow are better with it backwards. did you want me to collect some drift-branches for you? let me know, i could stick ’em in a tube and send.

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