There are favorites, and then there are favorites; I have so many which shows that I really love what I do!  Were anyone to ask me to pick one piece from all of my work, I think I would be in a quandary!  There are some I may be a little cooler towards than others, but every piece is held dear.

Sometimes when I start a piece I may not be entirely happy with my color choice, however at the time of choosing, I may have been short on some colors, so made do.  I have even had that cool my enthusiasm for a piece, and when that gets the best of me, I simply stop, roll it up and stick it away somewhere to be pulled out at a later date.  Most pieces once started are worked from start to end without interruption, and (almost) all are finished eventually.

“Sable” is one that grabbed me from start to finish and would not let loose till is was complete.  Because of that, it was done rather quickly, also it was quick due to the larger gauge jute twine used for a large part of the work.  There are details in smaller yarns and embroidery floss, but those did not slow me down much.

The details picture of “Sable” shows well the details of my knotting with embroidery floss.  I really love using many weights of yarns and twines because I get some very interesting textures and variances.

Most of my work through the years has been a pretty good balance of patterns made up of square knots and double half hitches.  Lately I have found myself prone to using the double half hitches a bit more heavily.  Something about the way I can sort of paint with the way I can manipulate color and line with them is fascinating.  Also I like the way I end up with really solid firm areas by utilizing them.

A friend gave me a challenge the other day, not going to tell you about it yet, though.  Got to see if my mind is right by telling me it is doable, first.  If you have an idea, a challenge you would like me to try, holler at me!  I love a challenge!

As soon as I get this posted, I am going to fire up the old fingers, I need to finnish the piece I am doing for the August 1st  show at Alley Cat Artists, the gallery I show my work at in Ellensburg, WA.  It is a floral piece in spring colors which I named “Sprung” soon after mounting the strands on the walnut twig it is on.  This piece took me a long time to really get into, don’t know why.  My fingers are afire now, the piece is coming together nicely at last!  In time for August!  Hehe.



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3 Comments on ““Sable””

  1. hey.rae.rae Says:

    i really liked the limited color palette for this, and so I was amused when i read how you were not as enthusiastic [at first] about it in your description. it really invites you to focus on detail that might have been overlooked if more vibrant. kudos!

    • cilipower Says:

      Thank you Rae! Sometimes things just need to grow on us as well as with us. I have had a similar problem with many projects over time, but very rarely has something been bad enough to put me off entirely. The piece I just put in a show was one of those, but about half the way through I gained appreciation for it and momentum. By the time it was done, I loved it! “Celtic Dancer” also is in the show for this month.

  2. cilipower Says:

    Rae, I got a little mixed up, for some reason when I replied to your comment, I thought you were talkig about “Celtic Dancer” not “Sable”, thus the referrance. Cili me being cili me, lol.

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