“Sprinkle of Sun”

“Sprinkle of Sun” is made mostly of a heavy weight jute twine that I love working with because of the lovely rustic texture I get.  Also the jute lends itself very well to mixing with other types of yarns and twines.  Because it is a ungiving fibre, I can count on firm well-formed knots, and the other weights of fibers have a good foundation on which to be tied into unusual shapes.

Another thing I have liked about working with jute at times has been how fast I can manage to come up with a very interesting piece.  This one sports lots of curves with a cascade of angular accents.  In particular I like the angular protrusion on the right and how it breaks up the smoothness of the piece.


Here is a shot of the details of the jute work with the smaller more colorful accent yarns.  I love the comparison of the natural neutral color of the jute partnered with the dark brown and bright orange and yellow.  This piece has a quiet drama to it with the contrasting color, texture, curves and angles.

The beads in this piece are not my favorite type of beads.  I love glass, stone, semi-precious, wood, metal, and ceramic materials; anything but plastic.  Well, when I put this piece together, my supplies were a bit on the puny side, and I had these nice (for plastic) intricate patterned beads.  For lack of better, more natural materials, I used the plastic because they have an interesting look and I feel they work well in the piece.

Another thing I love doing with jute and large yarns is make tug toys for dogs.  I have made a couple of them for our family dog and Minnie Mouse loves them!  Recently she made me feel so good when I made her a new one which I had not done for a while.  As soon as I shook the thing under her nose she knew what it was and latched on and the tug was on!  I think others would enjoy them because they don’t look like the usual factory made tug toy.  They are durable and have all sorts of nobs and holes and various hand holds built-in with a bit of my style to boot!

Oh!  My!  So many ideas bouncing around the inside of my skull, and so little time to make them all!




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