UPDATE:  I tried adding a link to my friend Claire Montrose when this blog was published.  It did not work, but, it is now in fine working order below.  My appologies to anyone who tried my first attempt.  It was a learning experience for me.

HELP!  Some of my pieces the names just jump out at me.  Not so with this little lovely!  This is a medium small piece that is rather simplistic compared to many of my larger works.  It does not have any of my embroidery floss details on it like so many do.  I have several that are around this size and level of complexity.

“Simply Rosy” on the right is another one it the same class of minimalistic design.  I show all of these and explain in as much detail as my mind can dredge up to share with you my delight, my sense of satisfaction, and my ability come up with real variety.  Also let me tell you hear and now:  You ain’t seen nothing yet!  I have visions bouncing ’round me brainpan that wow me just thinking about them! (chortle!)  Every time I discover a new way to manipulate my knots, colors, the lines…..Oh! My!  I catch myself wool gathering about how I can bring into reality the lovely ideas abounding.

I have a show coming up at Alley Cat Artists which is part of the 1st Friday Art Walk in Ellensburg, WA.  The show is called “Catapult” which is a group show for students of the “Work Is Progress” professional development class held at Alley Cat Artists.  It was a very informative class, and we had a core of devoted students that were regular attendees, and some that sort of came and went.  All people who were involved with the class at all were invited to show up to five pieces of art.  I plan on maxing out that number, yes indeed!  The most I have had in a show till now was three.

I have a lovely piece that was a long time in the making that will be in the show.  I started it at the onset of spring, so of course the colors are very spring like and it has many lovely flowers to boot!  I think this piece might hold a record for amount of time it took to complete, and its’ name is:  “Sprung!”.   “Sprung!” is being shown in August, the advent of Autumn!  Yeah, I got great timing, yup….you betchum!  I don’t care, I am just so happy I finally finished the piece!  Plus, I have another medium small piece going in the show I am calling “Glow Twisty” and its’ a cute little puppy loaded with beads the color of a cashmere sapphire.  When it is hung in a window it catches the light nicely.  In fact it has given me an idea for a series of similar pieces I will call suncatchers!  I am truly excited about this idea because I have a couple of friends who work with stained glass and make real suncatchers.  One of them I have only met online, but she lives a few blocks from my sister mother,  Sunshine (I call her that because she is like a second mother to my son).  So this series will kind of be a tribute to our friendship!   The other one is Claire Montrose, and you can see her work at!  Please go there and feast your eyes on some very lovely work.  I have to ask Sunshine about adding a link forher, and she has some really great stuff, also.

Wow, I have been just rambling on, can’t be from excitement, no, huh?  Hehe, uh.  Well folks, now is the time for me to spellcheck this baby, and get a bit o’ relaxation on.  Color Splash is on HGTV and I love his show!  So Adios!  Via Con Dios muchachas e muchachos!

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One Comment on “IT NEEDS A NAME!”

  1. Fran Says:

    Dear Cis, I think you may have made a mistake in Clair Montrose’s website. I tried it twice, does not work. I’ve been trying to think up a name for this work, but I’m afraid I’m not that imaginative. Sorry.
    Good luck in the 1st Friday Art Walk…

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