“Celtic Dancer”

Ok, I did this one about two years ago and at the time  supplies were a bit on the slim side so it is a bit on the bare side as far as beads go.  At least I think that is the reason why it is lacking in any larger beads.  All it has is small seed type beads tha only give slight accent to the whole picture.  My taste usually runs to lots of beads, and in some so many one might call it beading rather than knotting except I had to tie in each of those many beads.

Two of the pieces that will be in the show on Friday are of the many bead variety.  “Sprung!” is way loaded with both seed beads and focal beads (what I call the larger interesting beads).  “Glow Twisty” is rather opposite, it has many seed beads with only one focal bead.  Of course the sizes of the pieces have something to do with the amount of focal beads, “Sprung!” is about eight times larger than “Glow Twisty”.

Now I will go back to “Celtic Dancer”, which I named because I see the suggestion of a human figure with arms upheld in dance.  The Celtic comes from the semblance of Celtic plaid achieved with knot and color manipulation, and the varigated yarn I used that is a combination of the medium leafy green and medium dark reddish brown, both solids,  also used.  Last but not least, the dancer seems to be wearing a skirt.

In blogs that will follow soon, I have a bull’s head, which is more representational than my usual work and a piece that is a painting with knots(I call it a pictorial).  Just thought I would throw in a little tease, (giggle!)  Adios for now!

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One Comment on ““Celtic Dancer””

  1. cilipower Says:

    Thank you so much for the like Wuc for “Celtic Dancer”, and the ones for “Punkin Patch” and “It Needs a Name”. How about “Wuc Likes Me” for a title, lol. Then I would have to tell people about your blog to explain the name! I like it! Let me know if you do, or you got a good Aussie word for when you like something, and I could say “Wuc….”!

    Thanks again!

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