“Solar Powered, Wind Assisted, Manually Operated Clothes Dryer”

The old saying goes, “Third times’ the charm.”!  Well, I am here to tell you, it ain’t always the case!

This is my fourth frustrating attempt at posting this particular blog entry.  The first three times I got the thing just the way I wanted it, yes, it was finished.  Then I hit publish and it disappeared!  Oh!  First time yeah, a bit frustrating, second I was starting to feel like putting it away till the next day, but I stubbornly kept on till I had it finished a third time.  Gone!  So I put it away and went to bed, haha, what could I do?

Soo, here I go again!  This piece was for a juried show called The alternative Energy Roundup and Art Show at Gallery One, one of the 1st Friday Art Walk venues in Ellensburg, WA.   When I heard about the subject of the show a month earlier, I had an idea to do a sort of cartoon rendition of a car that used wind energy in its engineering, but I shelved that idea because I didn’t really have enough time to work that one out.  Then I thought of this idea, and told no one about it.  My tongue was buried deeply in my cheek the whole time I tied this piece, in fact I was so loving my sense of humor in this one, it is a wonder I did no damage to my tender tissues.  (Giggle, haha,)

I began the piece with my rendition of a lovely sunny day, fluffy clouds in a bright blue sky.  What fun it was from beginning to end.  When I was tying the foliage in the trees and putting the tiny wood beads for walnuts on the tree  on the , and bright red glass beads for cherries on the tree to the right, my glee was boundless.  No one knew what I was doing, not even my family!

Then I came to the “piece de resistance”:  the solar-powered, wind assisted, manually operated clothes dryer, a clothes line tied between two trees.  Making the clothes that went on the line was just a delightfully wonderful effort.  And in the end I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome of all my fun.

The blue dress in the picture can be moved over a bit to center it between the red socks and the afgan.  It had slipped over and slipped the attention of my friend taking the shot.  Centered is how I like it best.

I am happy to tell you this piece won a $100 dollar award, many warm words of praise, and more than a few chuckles.  In fact when I ran in to friend who had just been up to see it with her husband, she told me how the piece held his attention more a lot of things did when she had him in tow at the shows.  Then she pointed her finger at me and told me, “You are an artist!”  I rather doubt she had a clue how long I had waited to hear just those words.


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6 Comments on ““Solar Powered, Wind Assisted, Manually Operated Clothes Dryer””

  1. cilipower Says:

    OMG!! It finally worked, I am so not techy, but I am learning!

  2. kenneturner Says:

    Very creative, to say the least. Love what results from all your “turns” — and how timely. Your art connects with my artistic eye. Do you mind if I show this on my site?

  3. Fran Says:

    I’m so glad you were able to finally make a viewing that I could click on the picture to see it larger, so I could see the detail! It is wonderful! So creative!
    Good going, Cis!

  4. cilipower Says:

    Thank you Fran, I am truly glad to have this one done. I have worked my arse off to get it here, eh, my fingers to the bone? When I finally got it posted and it didn’t disappear on me, it was great! I agree that it is nice to be able to see the details of this one, one of my very favorites. And one that makes me sappy happy to share with all! Just can’t wait to get some more pics done of other works. Though I do still have quite a few pics to share yet. So I will get busy!

  5. […] “Solar Power, Wind Assisted, Manually Operated Clothes Dryer” Image by cilipower […]

  6. N. Barnes Says:

    Wow, this is fabulous! I love the details!

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