“CAT-ching A Leaf”

The cart was put a little bit before the horse.  This little lovely was my first experience with a juried exhibit, and won for me my first ever award for my art work, which is something I hope to experience again.

This piece was entered in to the “Cattacular” at Alley Cat Artists in 2010, a few months before the “Alternative Energy Roundup and Art Show” in which I earned an award of $100 .

This was also my first opportunity to include an outside influenced theme to one of my pieces.  I was told that the next show would have a theme, and would be juried.  My stomach flipped just a bit because first, I had never entered anything in a competition before, second, the show was only a week away, and I had not worked on anyone elses theme before.  What was I to do?  The theme was anything cat related.

I didn’t have anything cat related.  I went home and sat in front of the piece I had been working on, which I had dubbed “Falling Leaves”, and stared at that for a while.  I thought for about it a bit, the piece in front of me was close to being done, I still had one more leaf to add in that was left over from some experimenting I had been doing.  Then it struck me, what if I could put in the figure of a cat trying to catch a falling leaf?  “Brilliant,” I chortled to myself, “couldn’t be more purrfect, and couldn’t be more providential that I had the piece so close to done!”  Of course then came the slight problem of:  I had never done a cat before.  “Well,”  I bespoke my mind, “you had never made a leaf, or a flower before “Fran’s Flowers”.  Had you?  So, what is the difference, just give er’ a go why don’t ya!”   So I gave er’ a go!  I tied in that last leaf at the bottom, then, on my cork board that I had been using to do my leaf experiments, I began with one ear, then made a second ear and figured out how to attach a head in between the ears and I was off and running!

It only took about two short days of work to finish the piece.  The cat, I call it my “sort of abstract Siamese cat”,  ended up being way easier than I had imagined it being.  And the name came as naturally as the cat.  “CAT-ching A Leaf” made me giggle just a little, and I hoped it would tickle a funny bone or two on the judging panel.

Here on the right is a detail picture that was made of a part of the piece that I love.  It shows one of the falling leaves, one that looks like a leaf turning in the wind (to me anyway).

I turned it in to the gallery and went home to await the evening of the show.  I went through a bit of anxiety, I knew we had some very talented artists contributing to the gallery, but I knew I had a good, amusing piece of work, and was not too worried.

I went on to the show, my daughter and granddaughter would be joining a bit later.  They got there just before the scheduled entertainment of the night which was to be a “Cat Fight!”  No, we did not put two angry beefed up cats in a ring like Roosters or Pit Bulls…..we had angry, beefed up, humans in cat costumes in a ring with torn up newspaper cat litter to cushion their falls!  We only hold humane cat fights at Alley Cat!  OMG!  I feel terrible I can not remember the names of the cat characters, but let me tell you it was quite a fight, and the crowd was appropriately sporting.  We jeered on the entrants, and did our share of cat-calling to encourage tooth and nail!  A howling good time was had by all!  Except maybe the poor cats, as it turns out…..torn up newspaper doesn’t cushion falls very well, poor kitties!!

Did I forget to mention the awards ceremony?  It was just before the arrival of my daughter and granddaughter!  Yes!  I won an award!  My first ever and I was so pleased and proud!  I won the “Souper Cat Award”, which was a gift certificate for $30 to the Soup Kitchen, a local restaurant a couple of blocks from the gallery.  It made me happy, I used it to take the family out for a nice outing!

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3 Comments on ““CAT-ching A Leaf””

  1. sunshine swanson Says:

    i love this one! it’s so zeeky.

  2. N. Barnes Says:

    Congratulations on the award! Your work blows me away. I tend to think of macrame as crafty things like plant hangers and 1970’s hanging tables and such… and this is gallery quality fine art. It’s beautiful. Are you on EBSQ? It is a self representing artist website.

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