Tourmaline Dream

Step into my “Tourmaline Dream”!  Haha!  I chose the name because I love watching Gem Shopping Network where I have learned so much about precious and semi precious gems.  Tourmaline is mined right here in the USA and comes in such a large variety of colors!  From cut stone to cut stone there might be a subtle difference, however it is enough changed to call each stone a different color.  There are so many shades of pink, green, blue-green, reds, and roses.  Then there are yellows, oranges, and in rare instances, purples.  The rich teal yarn in this wall hanging reminds me of the color tourmaline that I would love to have in a ring and it would look nice against my olive complexion.  Yeah, a nice big sparkly chunk of eye candy surrounded by lovely diamonds!  One can dream.  (Sigh!)

Speaking of color….I was trying for a defined segregation of the colors in “Tourmaline Dreams”.   I visualized a more pronounced expanse of solid teal, with a slab of black making a complete break between the teal and the beige.  However, I worried that such a large amount of black would not show well in a photo so I toned it down to black as accent instead.  I guess I need to experiment with using black more, perhaps using beads to bring out the details then take a shot of it to see how it works.

The positives I like are the way I got a lot of angular details by manipulating the colors.  There are also a couple of solid knotted angled features to contrast with all the soft curves of the piece made with the long stinnets of knots.  There are three light turquoise shell rings that  work well as contrasting elements, along with a cute little teardrop shaped carved picture jasper ring.  I do hope it shows up when you click on the picture that shows the whole piece.



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2 Comments on “Tourmaline Dream”

  1. Pedro Abreu Says:

    Hi Cecilia, All your pieces have a unique look and texture and above all, they are very artistic.

  2. cilipower Says:

    Thank you so much Pedro, that is high compliment coming from some one with a sharp artistic eye like such as your own.

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