Changes In The Wind

I only have a vague understanding of what changes I am about to embark upon.  I do know however that changes are needed.  You see, I am not merely talking about my art here for the kicks I get out of bringing my little lovelies to your attention, now don’t get me wrong, it is definitely a kick!  It is not enough, however.  I am attempting to become an abundant thriving artist with self-sufficiency!  I have been enjoying dialogue with just such artists who are sharing ideas with me and other emerging artists.  This dialogue is helping me to understand just how much work I have ahead of me to become organized in my efforts to become an artist with true earning potential.

I am thinking of myself as a nice tight little rosebud.  I wait impatiently to burst outward, to spread my tender petals for the sun and rain to kiss.  I wait to reach the full glory of self in the maturity of achievement, of full blossoming!  There before me is effort, the push of petals unfolding, the striving of reaching ever toward the warmth of rays.  With self at last poised to drink the dew.

My work is for sale.  I only have a vague idea at this point how I will manage the logistics of selling my work.  How much I will ask for each piece is another thing that is fuzzy.  Not a great way to go about being a business person.  So I have work to do.  First thing I will be changing is phasing my blog into a web site.  I am not sure how I am going to manage doing it, not many centavos rattling around in the pockets for such things as yet.  If I want to wait till after the first of the year, my girl promised me we will get it done.  Never was a very good waiter, I will find a way to get things together so I can actually sell online.  It is a clear goal.  Another thing I have not been real good at, goal making.  Just writing all this down and publishing my thoughts is a real good attempt at goal making!  Whoohoo!  If you have any thoughts on the subject, they are welcome, no, encouraged!

These people I have been consulting are very helpful, I offer a link to their sites if anyone has similar issues and would like some coaching towards becoming self-sufficient artists.  I am not there yet, but as I have been listening and reading their thoughts for a bit, I have faith with their help..  They are Melissa Dinwiddie , and Mark Huff  They are both very positive successful artists, and very dedicated to the idea of debunking the “starving artist” concept.  Yea!  Of course coaching is a business for them, however they also offer a large amount of free advise, and encouragement, otherwise I would be unable to avail myself to their words of debunkishness.  Yea!  You Go Melissa and Mark!  Know that you are greatly appreciated!

I am going to get some rest now, I have abundant research to do in order to become abundant!  Later Gater!

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5 Comments on “Changes In The Wind”

  1. N. Barnes Says:

    You have far more ambition than I do… may all your dreams come true!

  2. cilipower Says:

    Thank you Miss Bee! “I’ll climb that hill, no matter how steep, when I get up” Bob Dylan

  3. Fran Wilson Says:

    When you refer to someone’s url, or website, whatever The Abundant is, you need to do it withoutj spaces like That way the link will work.
    Love the relationship you refer to in this blog that you are like the rosebud, slowly progressing to a full blown bloom. Very nice!
    Love ya! Fran

  4. cilipower Says:

    Thanks Fran! I fixed the link. And thank you for the apreciation of my words! Love ya back a thousand fold! cili me

  5. kenneturner Says:

    . . . may you become abundant!

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