Mini One Person Art Show Today

Three days a week I have lunch at the Senior Center a block and a half from my house.  I was talking to some of the ladies I sit with most often about my art yesterday.  I had previously taken a couple of my smaller pieces there to show

This one won an award at the Renewable Energy Roundup and Art Show in Ellensburg, Wa in 2010

them, and after an extensive conversation about my work yesterday, they asked that I bring in the pieces we had been talking about.  Those pieces were:  “Solar Powered, Wind Assisted, Manually Operated Clothes Dryer”, “CAT-ching a Leaf”, “Posh”, and “Blue and Green Simple”.   I had so much fun showing them the clothes dryer, they were suitably impressed, and had many questions about what went into making it.  They made comments about the imagination it took to come up with it, and asked how it was made.  I am the baby of the group, the oldest lady, Ella, being 96 years young.  It was great being there with these sweet people helping them to smile a little more than they already do, and that happens

This one won me my first award!

to be a lot.  There seems to be a very fond friendship bond that they share with each other.  Many of them speak about knowing each other for years.  That is not something I can say I have had much of in my life, I have moved around so much I have lost track of so many people I cared about over the years.   This is one more aspect of living in a small town I have grown to appreciate, that friendships and acquaintances span lifetimes, often.

The feelings thoughts of that kind of lasting, enduring permanence gives me are rather poignant.  It is something that I have wished for more than once in the years past.  Rich are the feelings, rich like the colors of my piece on the right, “Posh”.  Luxurious and comfortable are words that describe those feelings, also, feelings that maybe with luck, I will be able to enjoy if I live here for a long time like I would like to do.

The last piece that I showed them today I do not have a good picture of.  So here is the best shot I could manage with my webcam.  I lay my white flannel blanket across my shoulder to give a good contrasting background to the picture.  I tried just holding it up for the camera, and it seemed to all but disappear without the contrasting white behind it.  I called this one “Blue and Green Simple” because it is not as complicated as most of the pieces I make for wall hangings.  I have another one I call “Rose Simple” for the very same reason.  I think I have a better picture of that in my media file, so I won’t bother taking one of my special shots with my webcam, lol.

Ok, I am done playing photo studio now, it is what it is.  I wish I could afford to hire a student from Central Washington University that is taking a course in photography to take quality shots of all my work.  If I manage to work up a good Kickstarter application for funding my dream project “Go Large” then I will make that one of the things I will mention I need the funds for.  Every Artist should have a quality digital portfolio.  Yes, indeed.

I presently have no less than four projects in the working stages.  Two recycled bottle coverings, with plans for some flower sculptures.  A piece that is mounted on a coil of aluminum wire that seems to be working up to be a bird, and the colors of that are yellow and various shades of oranges, so I am thinking Phoenix will be in the title somehow.  The fourth one is a wall hanging in muted and jewell tone colors in the red, green, blue and brown range.  The main yarn use in that one is a variegated combination of all those colors.   Well, I think I will get this posted so I can get a few knots tied before lay me body down for the night.  Adios, mes amigos, e amigas!  Ever Onward!

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6 Comments on “Mini One Person Art Show Today”

  1. This is a wonderful connection with my own attachment to fiber, found and naturals from nature ~ plus~ I add clay to the mix and miniature paintings! Your ‘mini show’ in this place with these people added everything that’s BEST about your medium and your ability to tell the story of your art.

    • cilipower Says:

      Hi Kathleen, thank you for your comments. I just went to your facebook address and got the address for the Three Sisters Marketplace, spent a while there looking at things. Is all the stuff there made by the sisters or do you take in things by others to sell there? I loved the woodwork items, there were some nice kitchen implements. I also visited the glass section, and the crochet section. I am impressed by the site. Should anyone else that reads this want to see what I am talking about, click on Kathleens name and look at the bottom right of the page and you will find a list of web addresses to check out! Nice stuff!

      • Three Sisters Marketplace is a Gallery/Catalog of artists and craftsmen, like myself who have filled our shops with juried items reviewed by the site owner, Wendy Wolf. She is a wonderful person to work with and has designed an excellent site. The management is very good. You can check out the requirements for opening your own shop. I hope you like my items…the utensil maker, Fort Remington, is one example of excellence. And I really can’t think of any shop owners I don’t appreciate. It is a wonderful blend of skill and usefulness, fun and fine art. Wendy promotes the site exceptionally well.

  2. Fran Wilson Says:

    Hey Cis! What happened to your camera? The pics with the web cam just don’t show the beautiful, intricate work you do. I am glad you are going to the senior center. We should be doing that! The food is pretty good here, as we’ve been a couple of times. Plus, they deliver to the museum to the curator, so she lets me have one occasionally. Anyway, thumbs up to my little sister!

  3. Nancy Barnes Says:

    Oh what fun… I’m glad you so enjoyed the day and it sounds like the seniors enjoyed it, too. Perhaps you can cut a deal with a student – you need photos of your art and photographing art presents unique challenges for lighting and such – perhaps a discount for the experience and permission to include photos of your art in their portfolio? Happy knotting! I look forward to seeing your new projects.

  4. cilipower Says:

    Sis, nothing happened to Rachel’s camera, I just have not learned how to use it. The better pictures I have were taken by Shannon at Alley Cat Artists, and she is going to San Francisco. Need to find a new photog. Or learn to do it myself.

    Thank you Nancy, it was a great day, loads of fun. Thanks for the suggestion of letting them use the pics in their own portfolio. Good idea.

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