I have been following an online gallery for a while called Light Space & Time.   From month to month they have new juried competitions with varying subjects.  From the middle of March 2012 through the April 28, 2012 it was “NATURE”.  The next one coming up is “FIGURATIVE”.  Mostly I have only seen calls for 2D art, which leaves me out of the call.  Still it is fun to follow, the “NATURE” competition has some very beautiful pieces.  There are awards for 1st through 5th place, plus 5 Honorable Mentions.

A while ago I mentioned that I have been combing the internet to find art and artists that I love.  My plan was to compile a list, and to add a bunch of links all at once.  Well, I have been going at my usual unorganized snail pace on that one.  I am very much not a techy person, and I am not even sure how to make a blogroll happen.  I have gathered quite a list, and that is the next thing I am going to do on this blog.  Maybe even get it started here and now.  Wish me luck!  Here is a piece from one of my artists in my links, Patty Heibel, I am adding it as a tease for you to try her link!  Her work is very realistic and amazing!  Enjoy!

Ok, my attempt at adding a blogroll type of list of links did not work, so I am going to try this again, but in a different way.  Here is the link for Patty Heibel:  —————————————>

Here are some more that I liked, Wendy Rosen:  and

Very interesting clothing idea.  {r}evolution apparel :

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4 Comments on “LINKS LINKS LINKS”

  1. cilipower Says:

    OK folks, this post shows just how un-techy a person I am, lol. My learning curve should have become less steep by this time, but I still fumble around to put things together. I thought my links had not shown up on my blogroll, made my adjustments to be sure the links were in the post. Then lo & behold…viola! They are actually in the blogroll. Well, goes to show, ya never know!

  2. Nancy Barnes Says:

    Oh, I missed this post, reading it late… maybe the problem is a computer burp as things should not disappear on you like that. I’m going to nominate your blog for that award thing because it is for newbies… bloggers with less than 200 followers, and I think you have a great blog started here.

  3. cilipower Says:

    For the several people that have liked this post, I thank you! My world is blessed by the existance of this internet. It is born of the thousands (untold number really) of brilliant brains that do all the geeky (for me unfathomable) things that make it exist. I am working on a new post which will come soon. Yeah.

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