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March 25, 2013

I have been busy as usual, surfing ‘n clicking, copying urls and storing them away for content in my blog.  So, where has my blog been?  You ask.  Good question, one I have no easy answer for, just the usual “reasons, no excuses”.

It is all to easy I have found to get lost in the ether.  Click on one interesting thing and it leads one to ten more fascinating wonders of the net.  Yeah, and I have been here at my computer checking out as many as my mind can handle, storing urls to some mighty fine art and artists.  I have found people who tie knots to form various items, from critters to fine jewelry to basketry.  There are fiber artists who paint fine pictures with fabric and stitches, and stitchery artists that accent stitchery with a bit of fabric.  That is just a start.  I will begin with one of those.

Visit Susan Robin Sorrell’s website to check out her fiber art
Little House Art Studios

Susan Robin Sorrell, who calls herself a “mixed media artist“, combines the-hard-truth-about-dreams_2-220x170Susan Sorrellsewing, beading, and embellishing on fabric.  Her newest series, “Southern Fried Fiber” is influenced by her Southern roots, and is a total delight to any one who loves stitchery and originality! Hard-Favored-Face-2006-1-220x170Susan Sorrell I am one of those, I am a total fan, and I hope you check out her site and her Facebook fan page.  Please “like” her page at the top of the page if you drop in, (only if you truly like it) but what is not to like?

Like subject matter to be a bit “verboten”?  Well these are not quite there, but once were.

Trapped-Wine-2012-1-220x170Susan Sorrell “TRAPPED WINE”

And then there is newer more harangued  upon subject.  It is near and dear to our modern day libertines and medical recipients.            Pot head 2004  ‘POT HEAD”

I love Susan’s work, I got lost in the pages of her website for a long time.  Maybe I should not tell you that, then you may not go there and find out what I mean.  Trust me, it is a worthwhile venture!