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March 27, 2012

Wanted to share these lovely Cactus Blossons images by Keene Turner with everyone. His is a favorite blog I read regularly. I had no new pics of mine to share, so you get flowers today! Enjoy!

Becoming is Superior to Being

Hedgehog Cactus Blossom

Prickly Pear Cactus Blossom

Stagghorn Cholla Cactus Blossom

Hedgehog Cactus Blossom with Bee — Images by kenne

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February 16, 2012

I am still alive and kickin’!

September 21, 2011

Hi flolks, just popping in to say I have been preocupied with attempting to educate myself on more and better ways to do this blog, and/or find a way to get a website together with PayPal, etc, so I can “sell, sell, sell!” Mostly I am doing this quick post to let you know I haven’t dropped off the map, just trying to figure things out.

It may be that there will be more gaps inbetween posts for a little while, I am almost out of pictures of my work, so that is another thing I need to do. I promise I will work on getting these things done so I can bring my attention back to my blog! It has been a very emotionally rewarding thing to do, and I miss it when I am otherwise engaged. Back soon! Hugs!

The Power of Art to Empower

September 16, 2011

Truly when I create something beautiful I am full of wonder!  I look at page after page of thumbnails of art created by marvelous artists at a website called EBSQ and I get lost in the power of the beauty!  For me art is spiritual, just looking at art gives me a spiritual fix, a buzz, a case of the goosebumps (those usually are reserved for musical performance art)(well performed)!  The performance of the Hungarian Rhapsody at a folk life festival I attended with my kids(adult kids) brought me to tears with it the beauty and passion of the execution.  Years ago I had the honor and the experience of a lifetime to see the performance of Joni Mitchell performing with the L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra.  Honestly, the gossebumps and shivers up and down my spine never stopped until the last note!  I saw Loggins and Messina perform their “Sittin’ In”  album in a college auditorium at Dallas…from first strum of a guitar to the last ringing note of song…goosebumps and shiver-me-timbers!   Ahh!  The memories!!!

Art and the culture born of and around the art is so much of what is human vs animal.  Some animals use tools, so the use of tools is not what separates us.  Language is not the separator we used to think it was.  Not since we studied in-depth the chimpanzees, dolphins and whales.  The closest the animal kingdom comes to art display and language is alive and well in cuttlefish.  But since we don’t speak cuttlefish, we don’t know if green and violet pulsation in triple time is “Hey beautiful, wanna play?” or “Hey dumbass, get outta da way!”  One thing we do know is we alone of the animals of earth have art.  We, I mean humans of course, we know and enjoy, and covet art.  It is what drives curators to curate, collectors to collect, thieves to thieve(well maybe it is the money you get from thieving), but the  money would not be there without the passion alive in those that covet.

Oh, how I want to have the feeling of someone “coveting” my art and paying me the money I ask to be separated from the art I created and love so much that if I never sell it I have its’ very being to enjoy.  I am very sentimental about each piece of work I have hanging around my room, my kitchen, living room.  I love them all, but would part with any of them for “moolah, chashola, greenbacks, enumeration, monetary appreciation!  It is an economic thing, I am a “starving artist” who hungers for a bit of freedom that money makes easier, for some ease that money makes possible, and the lack of causes only stress.  I do not starve for creativity!  That is my gift to me.  I give myself that in droves, and all the energy I spend in creating, well I would love to spend that energy in the execution of a regular job, but I am disabled, retired for health reasons. My knotting is done while seated, and in my home (my bedroom) so no energy needed to get to and from. “I Knot Therefore I Am” is the title of a poem that resides in my Artist Statement an speaks simply and eloquently about why I create art.

It is for the joy, the bliss, and the self empowerment.  My friends online that have a course called “Art Empowers Me” and  a taste of it can be had at .  Melissa Dinwiddie and Cory Huff are about to kick off this class that is all about artists becoming viable, professional, self sustaining and abundant artists.   I offer the link because I have observed what they have and think it worthwhile.  If you are an artist and find yourself blundering through the online morass, trying to make sense of it all and have it work for you, then “Art Empowers Me” may well be for you.

If you just want to look at wonderful, inspiring and awesome creativity try  for the fun of it, or for the spiritual buzz of it.   All the art you see here, with exception of “Sunkist Trio” which of course is mine (the blurry flowers with the frumpy gray sweatshirt background), were found within the pages of EBSQ, and are all from artists I spent hours thumbing through their portfolios!  I of course I invite you to try both of the links herein and make your own assessment.

“Sprinkle of Sun”

July 26, 2011

“Sprinkle of Sun” is made mostly of a heavy weight jute twine that I love working with because of the lovely rustic texture I get.  Also the jute lends itself very well to mixing with other types of yarns and twines.  Because it is a ungiving fibre, I can count on firm well-formed knots, and the other weights of fibers have a good foundation on which to be tied into unusual shapes.

Another thing I have liked about working with jute at times has been how fast I can manage to come up with a very interesting piece.  This one sports lots of curves with a cascade of angular accents.  In particular I like the angular protrusion on the right and how it breaks up the smoothness of the piece.


Here is a shot of the details of the jute work with the smaller more colorful accent yarns.  I love the comparison of the natural neutral color of the jute partnered with the dark brown and bright orange and yellow.  This piece has a quiet drama to it with the contrasting color, texture, curves and angles.

The beads in this piece are not my favorite type of beads.  I love glass, stone, semi-precious, wood, metal, and ceramic materials; anything but plastic.  Well, when I put this piece together, my supplies were a bit on the puny side, and I had these nice (for plastic) intricate patterned beads.  For lack of better, more natural materials, I used the plastic because they have an interesting look and I feel they work well in the piece.

Another thing I love doing with jute and large yarns is make tug toys for dogs.  I have made a couple of them for our family dog and Minnie Mouse loves them!  Recently she made me feel so good when I made her a new one which I had not done for a while.  As soon as I shook the thing under her nose she knew what it was and latched on and the tug was on!  I think others would enjoy them because they don’t look like the usual factory made tug toy.  They are durable and have all sorts of nobs and holes and various hand holds built-in with a bit of my style to boot!

Oh!  My!  So many ideas bouncing around the inside of my skull, and so little time to make them all!




Yea!! I broke 100 hits!!

July 25, 2011

Cover of my soul journal.

My thanks to all of you who have come to my blog to watch me indulge in talking about my passion for knotting. I have many more to show you that need to be photographed. I still have more pics to show you, and the others will get their time in the lime light soon! Maybe when they have all been shown I will at last be set up to sell.


July 23, 2011


There are favorites, and then there are favorites; I have so many which shows that I really love what I do!  Were anyone to ask me to pick one piece from all of my work, I think I would be in a quandary!  There are some I may be a little cooler towards than others, but every piece is held dear.

Sometimes when I start a piece I may not be entirely happy with my color choice, however at the time of choosing, I may have been short on some colors, so made do.  I have even had that cool my enthusiasm for a piece, and when that gets the best of me, I simply stop, roll it up and stick it away somewhere to be pulled out at a later date.  Most pieces once started are worked from start to end without interruption, and (almost) all are finished eventually.

“Sable” is one that grabbed me from start to finish and would not let loose till is was complete.  Because of that, it was done rather quickly, also it was quick due to the larger gauge jute twine used for a large part of the work.  There are details in smaller yarns and embroidery floss, but those did not slow me down much.

The details picture of “Sable” shows well the details of my knotting with embroidery floss.  I really love using many weights of yarns and twines because I get some very interesting textures and variances.

Most of my work through the years has been a pretty good balance of patterns made up of square knots and double half hitches.  Lately I have found myself prone to using the double half hitches a bit more heavily.  Something about the way I can sort of paint with the way I can manipulate color and line with them is fascinating.  Also I like the way I end up with really solid firm areas by utilizing them.

A friend gave me a challenge the other day, not going to tell you about it yet, though.  Got to see if my mind is right by telling me it is doable, first.  If you have an idea, a challenge you would like me to try, holler at me!  I love a challenge!

As soon as I get this posted, I am going to fire up the old fingers, I need to finnish the piece I am doing for the August 1st  show at Alley Cat Artists, the gallery I show my work at in Ellensburg, WA.  It is a floral piece in spring colors which I named “Sprung” soon after mounting the strands on the walnut twig it is on.  This piece took me a long time to really get into, don’t know why.  My fingers are afire now, the piece is coming together nicely at last!  In time for August!  Hehe.