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December 30, 2012

555_2575Yes, I am back, one, to humbly apologize for the long absence.  Two, to announce there will be a new look.  Three and most important to myself, I am going to change the name of my blog to:  CILIPOWERKNOTS, I Knot Therefore I Am.  This will coordinate with my new artist page I am presently creating on Facebook, and as  soon as I can make it happen, my website will also be CILIPOWERKNOTS, I Knot Therefore I  Am.  I already have the domain, yea!  Just not the site.

Now that I have told you the news, I would like to show you something I was talking about working on.  Well, that is all I did, all I was able to, due to having no photography abilities or tools.  That has changed, I now have the tool, and am sincerely working on the abilities.  My new picturess are way better than the shots I was getting with my web cam, but still a long way from a professional art studio.  I will give you the best of the many, many experimental shots I have taken by way of learning.  Here goes:  Announcing at long last…”Fantastic Fingers”!

OMG!  This one took me forever to get it done!  And forever and a day to get a picture made of it, then again as long to get here to write about it!  It is here at last, I am so happy to finally present this piece that I have gone on about.  I knew it would be one that I would be proud of and that has played out as I suspected it would.  I am proud as a peacock!  If you could only see me when I stand and look at it, you would see my chest puff up, and on my face a proprietary grin!

Now I am going to tell you a little story about my showing this at the next to last First Friday Art Walk Show at Alley Cat Artists (they are now closed due to lack of funding).  Well, anyway, that is the way things go, unfortunately.  So, I had gone down to Alley Cat to take this piece and one other to drop it off for the next show.  The lady who was running Alley Cat was not there, and I gave it to one of her stand ins, who I showed the various little instructions I had for how it should be hung (some times things need to be bent, tugged, and or pushed to present as I wish).   I got a proper response from her so I figured all would be well.  When it came time to go to the show on Friday evening, I was under the weather so I did not go.  It was not till a few days later that I managed to get down to the gallery, and low, and behold it was hung upside down!  I have had similar problems before with items being hung backwards and told myself, “Self, you need to be there when it is hung if you want it hung properly!”  So, when I found it hung upside down all I could do was laugh!  What else could I do?  Sarah was so apologetic but I assured her I just thought it funny that my work was such that it still looked good backwards or forwards, upside down or upright!  Thus, I am going to add shots of “Fantastic Fingers” North, South, East and West views.  I do not have pictures of backwards, so don’t ask.  You already have the North View  Here goes the rest:


South View


East View


West View

And there you have it!  Yea! I did it, it only took me a couple of hours to get these three pictures just the way I wanted them, I won’t bore you with details, (giggle) I am just so happy I am able to pat myself on the back and say to my self:  “Self, it is done.”

I will not allow so much time between entries into blog-dom from now on in!  Even though I have not been producing a whole lot lately due to both research and practicing avoidance(otherwise known as procrastination).  At least I can say much of what I do to while my hours away in retirement has to do with forwarding my artistic endeavors to the point of being able to sell online.  I get closer all the time.  At least that is what I tell myself.  Enjoy my mini triumph of whipping this post into shape, and know that I will be back real soon!



May 7, 2012

I have been following an online gallery for a while called Light Space & Time.   From month to month they have new juried competitions with varying subjects.  From the middle of March 2012 through the April 28, 2012 it was “NATURE”.  The next one coming up is “FIGURATIVE”.  Mostly I have only seen calls for 2D art, which leaves me out of the call.  Still it is fun to follow, the “NATURE” competition has some very beautiful pieces.  There are awards for 1st through 5th place, plus 5 Honorable Mentions.

A while ago I mentioned that I have been combing the internet to find art and artists that I love.  My plan was to compile a list, and to add a bunch of links all at once.  Well, I have been going at my usual unorganized snail pace on that one.  I am very much not a techy person, and I am not even sure how to make a blogroll happen.  I have gathered quite a list, and that is the next thing I am going to do on this blog.  Maybe even get it started here and now.  Wish me luck!  Here is a piece from one of my artists in my links, Patty Heibel, I am adding it as a tease for you to try her link!  Her work is very realistic and amazing!  Enjoy!

Ok, my attempt at adding a blogroll type of list of links did not work, so I am going to try this again, but in a different way.  Here is the link for Patty Heibel:  —————————————>

Here are some more that I liked, Wendy Rosen:  and

Very interesting clothing idea.  {r}evolution apparel :

The Power of Art to Empower

September 16, 2011

Truly when I create something beautiful I am full of wonder!  I look at page after page of thumbnails of art created by marvelous artists at a website called EBSQ and I get lost in the power of the beauty!  For me art is spiritual, just looking at art gives me a spiritual fix, a buzz, a case of the goosebumps (those usually are reserved for musical performance art)(well performed)!  The performance of the Hungarian Rhapsody at a folk life festival I attended with my kids(adult kids) brought me to tears with it the beauty and passion of the execution.  Years ago I had the honor and the experience of a lifetime to see the performance of Joni Mitchell performing with the L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra.  Honestly, the gossebumps and shivers up and down my spine never stopped until the last note!  I saw Loggins and Messina perform their “Sittin’ In”  album in a college auditorium at Dallas…from first strum of a guitar to the last ringing note of song…goosebumps and shiver-me-timbers!   Ahh!  The memories!!!

Art and the culture born of and around the art is so much of what is human vs animal.  Some animals use tools, so the use of tools is not what separates us.  Language is not the separator we used to think it was.  Not since we studied in-depth the chimpanzees, dolphins and whales.  The closest the animal kingdom comes to art display and language is alive and well in cuttlefish.  But since we don’t speak cuttlefish, we don’t know if green and violet pulsation in triple time is “Hey beautiful, wanna play?” or “Hey dumbass, get outta da way!”  One thing we do know is we alone of the animals of earth have art.  We, I mean humans of course, we know and enjoy, and covet art.  It is what drives curators to curate, collectors to collect, thieves to thieve(well maybe it is the money you get from thieving), but the  money would not be there without the passion alive in those that covet.

Oh, how I want to have the feeling of someone “coveting” my art and paying me the money I ask to be separated from the art I created and love so much that if I never sell it I have its’ very being to enjoy.  I am very sentimental about each piece of work I have hanging around my room, my kitchen, living room.  I love them all, but would part with any of them for “moolah, chashola, greenbacks, enumeration, monetary appreciation!  It is an economic thing, I am a “starving artist” who hungers for a bit of freedom that money makes easier, for some ease that money makes possible, and the lack of causes only stress.  I do not starve for creativity!  That is my gift to me.  I give myself that in droves, and all the energy I spend in creating, well I would love to spend that energy in the execution of a regular job, but I am disabled, retired for health reasons. My knotting is done while seated, and in my home (my bedroom) so no energy needed to get to and from. “I Knot Therefore I Am” is the title of a poem that resides in my Artist Statement an speaks simply and eloquently about why I create art.

It is for the joy, the bliss, and the self empowerment.  My friends online that have a course called “Art Empowers Me” and  a taste of it can be had at .  Melissa Dinwiddie and Cory Huff are about to kick off this class that is all about artists becoming viable, professional, self sustaining and abundant artists.   I offer the link because I have observed what they have and think it worthwhile.  If you are an artist and find yourself blundering through the online morass, trying to make sense of it all and have it work for you, then “Art Empowers Me” may well be for you.

If you just want to look at wonderful, inspiring and awesome creativity try  for the fun of it, or for the spiritual buzz of it.   All the art you see here, with exception of “Sunkist Trio” which of course is mine (the blurry flowers with the frumpy gray sweatshirt background), were found within the pages of EBSQ, and are all from artists I spent hours thumbing through their portfolios!  I of course I invite you to try both of the links herein and make your own assessment.

Changes In The Wind

September 10, 2011

I only have a vague understanding of what changes I am about to embark upon.  I do know however that changes are needed.  You see, I am not merely talking about my art here for the kicks I get out of bringing my little lovelies to your attention, now don’t get me wrong, it is definitely a kick!  It is not enough, however.  I am attempting to become an abundant thriving artist with self-sufficiency!  I have been enjoying dialogue with just such artists who are sharing ideas with me and other emerging artists.  This dialogue is helping me to understand just how much work I have ahead of me to become organized in my efforts to become an artist with true earning potential.

I am thinking of myself as a nice tight little rosebud.  I wait impatiently to burst outward, to spread my tender petals for the sun and rain to kiss.  I wait to reach the full glory of self in the maturity of achievement, of full blossoming!  There before me is effort, the push of petals unfolding, the striving of reaching ever toward the warmth of rays.  With self at last poised to drink the dew.

My work is for sale.  I only have a vague idea at this point how I will manage the logistics of selling my work.  How much I will ask for each piece is another thing that is fuzzy.  Not a great way to go about being a business person.  So I have work to do.  First thing I will be changing is phasing my blog into a web site.  I am not sure how I am going to manage doing it, not many centavos rattling around in the pockets for such things as yet.  If I want to wait till after the first of the year, my girl promised me we will get it done.  Never was a very good waiter, I will find a way to get things together so I can actually sell online.  It is a clear goal.  Another thing I have not been real good at, goal making.  Just writing all this down and publishing my thoughts is a real good attempt at goal making!  Whoohoo!  If you have any thoughts on the subject, they are welcome, no, encouraged!

These people I have been consulting are very helpful, I offer a link to their sites if anyone has similar issues and would like some coaching towards becoming self-sufficient artists.  I am not there yet, but as I have been listening and reading their thoughts for a bit, I have faith with their help..  They are Melissa Dinwiddie , and Mark Huff  They are both very positive successful artists, and very dedicated to the idea of debunking the “starving artist” concept.  Yea!  Of course coaching is a business for them, however they also offer a large amount of free advise, and encouragement, otherwise I would be unable to avail myself to their words of debunkishness.  Yea!  You Go Melissa and Mark!  Know that you are greatly appreciated!

I am going to get some rest now, I have abundant research to do in order to become abundant!  Later Gater!