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Floral Mini Series

August 10, 2011

OMG! What I had to go tthrough to get this pic just the way I wanted it!

Ahh!  My floral mini series, maybe it is about time I got around to writing about the thing you see first every time you click in to visit me.  I take great delight in these little beauties, they are such fun to make.

The one in the middle is the first of a series that was intended for that small space on an office cubicle wall calling out for something pretty, or the space above a light switch, or that narrow space between two windows.  You know the place, the one that is hard to find something just right for and you just dont want to leave it blank.  I know I have had those places in my life which left me wishing I could find just the right little pretty to adorn them.  I could easily customize miniatures to the needs of a space, these are about 1″ to 2″ wide by 5″ to 7″ long.
One day I was at Alley Cat Artists when a couple of nice young ladies came in to look around the gallery.  They made steady progress around the room until they came to the display box in which my “pretties” lie and came to a stop.  Then one of the girls came over to the desk and asked what minnies were made for.  I explained that they were miniature wall hangings, and she looked at me kind of funny, then asked if I minded if she bought one for a bracelet, because that is what she had thought they were and she would love to wear one.  I was delighted, and flattered, and of course had no objection.  Another new function for my florals was born on the spot.  I have also thought of matching earrings, but have not yet made any sets.  Earrings are something I have made in the past, but my preference is working larger.  In fact making earrings is how I got into working with small material like embroidery floss, and I make them in mirror image.  Should anyone be interested in seeing some sets, or want to talk to me about something custom, you can contact me directly at .
The thing about my work when I think of making it for the walls of someone’s home or office.  I truly would like to make hangings custom to the specifications of the needs of a person.  When I make things just to be making them to build up a stock of items to be hopefully sold someday, I only have my imagination to help me.  Only my perception of what someone else might like in a color scheme, and I love what I come up with, but truly I long to do some custom work.  It would give me another different sense of satisfaction to have someone say to me, “I like your work so much I would love to have it in my home to see it every day.Would you please make something special for this wall or that.”  Ooh!  The thought just gives me shivers!