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“CAT-ching A Leaf”

August 8, 2011

The cart was put a little bit before the horse.  This little lovely was my first experience with a juried exhibit, and won for me my first ever award for my art work, which is something I hope to experience again.

This piece was entered in to the “Cattacular” at Alley Cat Artists in 2010, a few months before the “Alternative Energy Roundup and Art Show” in which I earned an award of $100 .

This was also my first opportunity to include an outside influenced theme to one of my pieces.  I was told that the next show would have a theme, and would be juried.  My stomach flipped just a bit because first, I had never entered anything in a competition before, second, the show was only a week away, and I had not worked on anyone elses theme before.  What was I to do?  The theme was anything cat related.

I didn’t have anything cat related.  I went home and sat in front of the piece I had been working on, which I had dubbed “Falling Leaves”, and stared at that for a while.  I thought for about it a bit, the piece in front of me was close to being done, I still had one more leaf to add in that was left over from some experimenting I had been doing.  Then it struck me, what if I could put in the figure of a cat trying to catch a falling leaf?  “Brilliant,” I chortled to myself, “couldn’t be more purrfect, and couldn’t be more providential that I had the piece so close to done!”  Of course then came the slight problem of:  I had never done a cat before.  “Well,”  I bespoke my mind, “you had never made a leaf, or a flower before “Fran’s Flowers”.  Had you?  So, what is the difference, just give er’ a go why don’t ya!”   So I gave er’ a go!  I tied in that last leaf at the bottom, then, on my cork board that I had been using to do my leaf experiments, I began with one ear, then made a second ear and figured out how to attach a head in between the ears and I was off and running!

It only took about two short days of work to finish the piece.  The cat, I call it my “sort of abstract Siamese cat”,  ended up being way easier than I had imagined it being.  And the name came as naturally as the cat.  “CAT-ching A Leaf” made me giggle just a little, and I hoped it would tickle a funny bone or two on the judging panel.

Here on the right is a detail picture that was made of a part of the piece that I love.  It shows one of the falling leaves, one that looks like a leaf turning in the wind (to me anyway).

I turned it in to the gallery and went home to await the evening of the show.  I went through a bit of anxiety, I knew we had some very talented artists contributing to the gallery, but I knew I had a good, amusing piece of work, and was not too worried.

I went on to the show, my daughter and granddaughter would be joining a bit later.  They got there just before the scheduled entertainment of the night which was to be a “Cat Fight!”  No, we did not put two angry beefed up cats in a ring like Roosters or Pit Bulls…..we had angry, beefed up, humans in cat costumes in a ring with torn up newspaper cat litter to cushion their falls!  We only hold humane cat fights at Alley Cat!  OMG!  I feel terrible I can not remember the names of the cat characters, but let me tell you it was quite a fight, and the crowd was appropriately sporting.  We jeered on the entrants, and did our share of cat-calling to encourage tooth and nail!  A howling good time was had by all!  Except maybe the poor cats, as it turns out…..torn up newspaper doesn’t cushion falls very well, poor kitties!!

Did I forget to mention the awards ceremony?  It was just before the arrival of my daughter and granddaughter!  Yes!  I won an award!  My first ever and I was so pleased and proud!  I won the “Souper Cat Award”, which was a gift certificate for $30 to the Soup Kitchen, a local restaurant a couple of blocks from the gallery.  It made me happy, I used it to take the family out for a nice outing!