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Meet MoonStormy, Guardian of the Temple of the Moon (this better work!)

February 7, 2012

I am so upset, I had a wonderfully, delightfully amusing (she says) post written up, with three pics.  Proofread it, loved it, thought I sent it on its way to my loving fans, and now I find there is nothing there but tags, and a title!  Lol, weird, huh?  Well I will attempt to come up with a close approximation of the wonderous lost post for youse.  Here goes nuttin’ honey!  That is if I can remember half of it, hehe.

Fran, you said that everything was there but the picture, but when I went to the supposed post, all I got was the above mentioned.

Here is one of the many dragon images that I used in attempting to bring my mental image of MoonStormy into knotty being.  The dragon head in my first post about the show The Year of the Dragon by Bob Eggelton was another.  There are so many images of dragons and dragon heads to be viewed, I spent simply hours trying to find one that fit my mind picture of MoonStormy.  The story of how MoonStormy came to be was about my early exploation into the world of the internet.  I had looked up dragons, and found something called “Dragon Rings” and to be a part of the Ring one had to pick a Dragon Name to be their persona in the Ring.  I thought about it for a bit and came up with MoonStormy because I thought it suited my moon influenced rather stormy life, and it sounded Scorpionic.  Thus the choise of red and black for her colors, also.

Here she is, in all her toothy, bewhiskered glory!  Lol.  My intentions are to giver her another go with body and wings, sillouetted against the moon (a larger one than in the pic on the right) and of course seated upon a rocky crag, but I think I shall pass on all the clouds, hehe.  I have the moon started, and will use it most likely, unless I think of a better way to portray her loveliness.  I really do like my first attempt to bring her to life, but I want her to be a bit more refined and not so difficult to make out the details of the lines of her face.  I think this one had too much of the look of a cat to it.  All in all I am happy with my start on MoonStormy, Guardian of the Temple of the Moon.

I truly had fun making MoonStormy, and would so have loved making it with the piece I had in mind for the show.  But what is, is.  The pieces I have in the show are so indicitive of me, and what I am finding is my best love for a theme in my work.  Flowers.  Flowers have been my choice of prints to wear on me body, I gravitate towards other artists renditions of all things floral.  I just love flowers!!  (and Dragons!)  And Birds, and cats, and dogs, and, and, and, all God’s Critters Great and Miniscule!!!

The Year of the Dragon

January 29, 2012

I have been a wayward blogger, it has been so long since I was here to grace the halls of bloggermainia.  I hang my head in un-bloggernal shame…..(that was an attempt to draw a parallel to un-professional shame).  I only have reason, no excuse…for I have sufficient time on my hands.  It is certain actually that I have little but time.  I have, however, been continuing my “etherial” education by reading, reading, reading, until my eyes have been bleary, my head dropping upon my keyboard, and stuffing my brain with ideas.  My next move is to produce a piece for the next Friday’s show at Alley Cat Artists which is having it’s grand reopening in its new place of residence, an old Chinese restaurant two blocks from its former location.  We will have much more space to show art in the new residence, YEA!  I am stoked, that means many more people will be able to show each month.  I have not seen the new place yet, other than outside in passing.  I won’t see it untill I deliver the new piece I am working on (that is if I get it done in time!)

I have chosen to do something that I have wanted to do for a while, but it is complicated and had not had the impetus to brave the idea.  the theme of the show this month is:  “The Year of the Dragon” in honor of the Chinese Lunar New Year.  Yes, you are so smart, you guessed it, I am doing a dragon!  She is red and black(very scorpionic as I am a scorpio, and a bit of a mix up in symbolisim, lol) and I named her Moonstormy over ten years ago.  She is my chosen dragon alter ego, and online game name for years.  I have not used her name online for a while, but she has remained in my heart!  When I got the call to artists for this show, saw the theme, the only natural thing for me to bring to live was my old friend Moonstormy.

What a hornet’s nest of complexity I called down on my head!  It has been a very difficult project, and I only have a few days to get her done!  Due to time constraints, and the intricacy of my stormy friend, I am only making the head, upper body and one wing against the backdrop of a full moon.  Also, I have to say that I am not entirely pleased with this first embodiment of Moonstormy.  I plan on further projects whereby I may refine my technique of the portrayal of a dragon entity.  It is a major challenge, one which I meet gladly, and bravely.  I must go now, I have many knots to tie before I sleep.  The moon is not much more than a pearl and growing slower than I would like!  Wish me luck, and flying fingers!

Note:  the dragon image I used is one that I used as a semi-model, along with several more to come up with Moonstormy.  This dragon image is by Bob Eggleton.

Been Busy Knotting

September 5, 2011


I must explain that I am too excited to wait for really good pictures of my newest addition to me garden!  I just finished my second Reclamation  Art piece!  The first was an extra virgin olive oil bottle, I love the green glass and the shape of the bottle.  I knotted a free form filigree shape around the bottle with beads made out of stripped copper wire.  In this bottle I had a knotted arrangement of four flowers and loads of foliage.  It was in a Reclamation Art Show at Alley Cat Artists in Ellensburg, WA, and brought me some very nice compliments from people who came to the show.  Unfortunately I have no pictures of that piece yet.

Now I have for your dubious viewing pleasure are some sneek peek pictures of my new bouquet taken by my web cam.  The quality is blurry but good enough to get the idea.  Better pictures will come as soon as I can get them made.  It does show the basics enough, that hopefully one can apply a little imagination to get some of the details ok.

The front view of the flowers in the neck of the liquid smoke bottle.  I am guessing that there have been worse pictures posted of people’s creative projects, but I don’t think any could be much worse.  Oh, well! I for one am going to stop making excuses for the picture quality, because I love these flowers!  Following will be a side view of  the flowers, and a front and rear view of the macrame covered bottle. 

I discovered that with the flowers stuck in the neck of the bottle it was a bit top-heavy, so I loaded up a bunch of some nice ceramic beads to give it some counter balance.  It worked like a charm.  I will find something to replace it, like some small pebbles because I want the beads, lol.  Here is the last view of the work on the bottle.  Though the quality of these are far from studio art quality, they at least afford me the opportunity to show off my newbie!

I could have looked around to find a better thing to prop between myself and the art to make a better looking background, but I have been up all night knotting, and wanted to get this blog to press!  Haha!  So you get the frumpy look to go with my lovely flowers, maybe the

look will give my lovelies a little more impact because of the frumpiness!  Yea!  I promise I will get far better images of my work, minus the grey frumpy ghost, ASAP!  A friend and fellow art poster said to me I should not be so appologetic about using my web cam.  Ok, wysiwyg.

Thanks for joining in my fun, and I hope you understand the eagerness on my part to share despite the less than professional (understatement) imagery.  Hmmmm….what shall I call it?  “Sunkist” maybe, or how about “Trio”.  Ahh. “Sunkist Trio”, yes that is it!  Thank you for your help, you just sat there and let me bounce this off you, and you helped with the naming of this piece!  “Sunkist Trio.”  Perfection!

If you live in or near Ellensburg and would like to see my work up close, please contact me here, and we could set up a meeting over coffee, though my transportation is limited to Hopesource or Central Transit, a meeting would need to be close to me or arranged for a Tuesday if in Yakima.  Thank You

Celebration! Dance to the Music!

August 20, 2011

My thanks to all that have chosen to read my blog and check out my art!  I believe this is my 20th post and I just broke 300 hits!  Now that doesn’t sound like a major success when the numbers on other more contemporary entertainment, science or community driven sites get hits in the thousands!  307 hits are KUDOS to me!

My chosen field of artistic pursuit is definitely outside the classical box and I wouldn’t have it any other way

Here is a piece I knotted over a year ago.  It is one of those rare pieces without any large focal beads.  Mostly I used small glass beads with three slightly larger striped glass beads on the beige strand of knots on the left and between dark red and dark brown ones.   The colors in the striped beads pick up the colors of the knotting very well.  I think I will call this one:  “Loop d’ Loop”.

I think I would like to make a series of pieces with swirls of loops draping in a plethora of different knotting styles, and patterns of bead accents.  This one was made after my daughter suggested something similar.  Only what she had imagined was more of a horizontal piece swirls of knotted strands to either side.  She drew me a sketch which I would like to make a closer approximation of.  Maybe the next one I start, maybe….

Here is the detail shot I have for this piece which I feel is important to have with each of the larger pictures of the whole pieces.  If all I worked with was the traditional “macrame materials” then the detail shots would be hardly needed because the knotting would be large enough to see in a regular shot.  However, I have avoided working with the usual stuff because it is too expensive, and common.  I have been using remnants from second-hand stores more than anything.  Yarns of many varying weights and textures.  Long ago I realized I loved working with the variety of remnant yarns.  That way I was using up the leftovers from other people’s projects, and it is an eco-nomic thing to do.  Ha!

I truly am having a great time talking about my work, and it is gratifying that I have had as many visitors to my blog as I have.  Should one find they could use an unusual twisty-loopy-one-of-a-kind-whimsy in their environment, I long to do something custom for a person who could appreciate it.  I can be contacted directly at the address below.  I could work from a photograph of the interior that is calling out for a complimentary piece of art or from a sketch of an idea.  But let me explain very succinctly, “I do not do Owls!”  Hehe, that has been my artist statement of sorts for years, with my tongue in cheek, and serious as a heart attack simultaneously!


“CAT-ching A Leaf”

August 8, 2011

The cart was put a little bit before the horse.  This little lovely was my first experience with a juried exhibit, and won for me my first ever award for my art work, which is something I hope to experience again.

This piece was entered in to the “Cattacular” at Alley Cat Artists in 2010, a few months before the “Alternative Energy Roundup and Art Show” in which I earned an award of $100 .

This was also my first opportunity to include an outside influenced theme to one of my pieces.  I was told that the next show would have a theme, and would be juried.  My stomach flipped just a bit because first, I had never entered anything in a competition before, second, the show was only a week away, and I had not worked on anyone elses theme before.  What was I to do?  The theme was anything cat related.

I didn’t have anything cat related.  I went home and sat in front of the piece I had been working on, which I had dubbed “Falling Leaves”, and stared at that for a while.  I thought for about it a bit, the piece in front of me was close to being done, I still had one more leaf to add in that was left over from some experimenting I had been doing.  Then it struck me, what if I could put in the figure of a cat trying to catch a falling leaf?  “Brilliant,” I chortled to myself, “couldn’t be more purrfect, and couldn’t be more providential that I had the piece so close to done!”  Of course then came the slight problem of:  I had never done a cat before.  “Well,”  I bespoke my mind, “you had never made a leaf, or a flower before “Fran’s Flowers”.  Had you?  So, what is the difference, just give er’ a go why don’t ya!”   So I gave er’ a go!  I tied in that last leaf at the bottom, then, on my cork board that I had been using to do my leaf experiments, I began with one ear, then made a second ear and figured out how to attach a head in between the ears and I was off and running!

It only took about two short days of work to finish the piece.  The cat, I call it my “sort of abstract Siamese cat”,  ended up being way easier than I had imagined it being.  And the name came as naturally as the cat.  “CAT-ching A Leaf” made me giggle just a little, and I hoped it would tickle a funny bone or two on the judging panel.

Here on the right is a detail picture that was made of a part of the piece that I love.  It shows one of the falling leaves, one that looks like a leaf turning in the wind (to me anyway).

I turned it in to the gallery and went home to await the evening of the show.  I went through a bit of anxiety, I knew we had some very talented artists contributing to the gallery, but I knew I had a good, amusing piece of work, and was not too worried.

I went on to the show, my daughter and granddaughter would be joining a bit later.  They got there just before the scheduled entertainment of the night which was to be a “Cat Fight!”  No, we did not put two angry beefed up cats in a ring like Roosters or Pit Bulls…..we had angry, beefed up, humans in cat costumes in a ring with torn up newspaper cat litter to cushion their falls!  We only hold humane cat fights at Alley Cat!  OMG!  I feel terrible I can not remember the names of the cat characters, but let me tell you it was quite a fight, and the crowd was appropriately sporting.  We jeered on the entrants, and did our share of cat-calling to encourage tooth and nail!  A howling good time was had by all!  Except maybe the poor cats, as it turns out…..torn up newspaper doesn’t cushion falls very well, poor kitties!!

Did I forget to mention the awards ceremony?  It was just before the arrival of my daughter and granddaughter!  Yes!  I won an award!  My first ever and I was so pleased and proud!  I won the “Souper Cat Award”, which was a gift certificate for $30 to the Soup Kitchen, a local restaurant a couple of blocks from the gallery.  It made me happy, I used it to take the family out for a nice outing!

“Solar Powered, Wind Assisted, Manually Operated Clothes Dryer”

August 7, 2011

The old saying goes, “Third times’ the charm.”!  Well, I am here to tell you, it ain’t always the case!

This is my fourth frustrating attempt at posting this particular blog entry.  The first three times I got the thing just the way I wanted it, yes, it was finished.  Then I hit publish and it disappeared!  Oh!  First time yeah, a bit frustrating, second I was starting to feel like putting it away till the next day, but I stubbornly kept on till I had it finished a third time.  Gone!  So I put it away and went to bed, haha, what could I do?

Soo, here I go again!  This piece was for a juried show called The alternative Energy Roundup and Art Show at Gallery One, one of the 1st Friday Art Walk venues in Ellensburg, WA.   When I heard about the subject of the show a month earlier, I had an idea to do a sort of cartoon rendition of a car that used wind energy in its engineering, but I shelved that idea because I didn’t really have enough time to work that one out.  Then I thought of this idea, and told no one about it.  My tongue was buried deeply in my cheek the whole time I tied this piece, in fact I was so loving my sense of humor in this one, it is a wonder I did no damage to my tender tissues.  (Giggle, haha,)

I began the piece with my rendition of a lovely sunny day, fluffy clouds in a bright blue sky.  What fun it was from beginning to end.  When I was tying the foliage in the trees and putting the tiny wood beads for walnuts on the tree  on the , and bright red glass beads for cherries on the tree to the right, my glee was boundless.  No one knew what I was doing, not even my family!

Then I came to the “piece de resistance”:  the solar-powered, wind assisted, manually operated clothes dryer, a clothes line tied between two trees.  Making the clothes that went on the line was just a delightfully wonderful effort.  And in the end I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome of all my fun.

The blue dress in the picture can be moved over a bit to center it between the red socks and the afgan.  It had slipped over and slipped the attention of my friend taking the shot.  Centered is how I like it best.

I am happy to tell you this piece won a $100 dollar award, many warm words of praise, and more than a few chuckles.  In fact when I ran in to friend who had just been up to see it with her husband, she told me how the piece held his attention more a lot of things did when she had him in tow at the shows.  Then she pointed her finger at me and told me, “You are an artist!”  I rather doubt she had a clue how long I had waited to hear just those words.


“Celtic Dancer”

August 1, 2011

Ok, I did this one about two years ago and at the time  supplies were a bit on the slim side so it is a bit on the bare side as far as beads go.  At least I think that is the reason why it is lacking in any larger beads.  All it has is small seed type beads tha only give slight accent to the whole picture.  My taste usually runs to lots of beads, and in some so many one might call it beading rather than knotting except I had to tie in each of those many beads.

Two of the pieces that will be in the show on Friday are of the many bead variety.  “Sprung!” is way loaded with both seed beads and focal beads (what I call the larger interesting beads).  “Glow Twisty” is rather opposite, it has many seed beads with only one focal bead.  Of course the sizes of the pieces have something to do with the amount of focal beads, “Sprung!” is about eight times larger than “Glow Twisty”.

Now I will go back to “Celtic Dancer”, which I named because I see the suggestion of a human figure with arms upheld in dance.  The Celtic comes from the semblance of Celtic plaid achieved with knot and color manipulation, and the varigated yarn I used that is a combination of the medium leafy green and medium dark reddish brown, both solids,  also used.  Last but not least, the dancer seems to be wearing a skirt.

In blogs that will follow soon, I have a bull’s head, which is more representational than my usual work and a piece that is a painting with knots(I call it a pictorial).  Just thought I would throw in a little tease, (giggle!)  Adios for now!